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 The Danger Of Cleaning The Ear With A Cotton Bud

The Danger Of Cleaning The Ear With A Cotton Bud

The Danger Of Cleaning The Ear With A Cotton Bud; At that moment something happened with my ear. The writing that happened after sleeping with cotton buds (ear scraping), my ear hole bait actually became clogged and began to feel.

The next day I tried googleing related to the ear case and how to handle it, the results of googleing that I got "turned out to clean the ear hole with a cotton bud can endanger the ear" this was caused by blockage of earwax as a result of the ear cleaning tool. That same day I decided to buy ear drops at the pharmacy, but two days passed there were no signs of positive change, I was getting annoyed.

Three days after the incident, I tried to go to a famous doctor's office in my area hoping to get medical treatment that would make my ears heal

bahaya mengorek lubang telingan dengan cotton bud karena itu akan memicu bahaya yang seperti saya alami. Dia juga menggambarkan telinga dengan pensil yang dicolok oleh cotton bud tersebut dengan sempurna sampai saya terkagum-kagum karena baru kali ini saya melihat ada Dokter yang bisa menggambar dengan sangat detail. Dia juga menjelaskan bahwa lubang telinga yang bersih juga tidak baik untuk kesehatan telinga karena debu-debu, kotoran dan seranggga akan mudah masuk, kotoran telinga berguna untuk melindungi lubang telinga dari debu, serangga dan hal-hal yang akan mengancam kesehatan telinga

Nangkring.net_ The first time the doctor did was ask for my name, address and age. I answered with joy. Next the doctor asked me if I was a smoker, I answered active smokers. I had expected it from the start, the doctor would ask, from the beginning, what would the relationship of cigarettes be with my ear case. Then he asked me about my complaint, and I explained it bluntly. He nodded his sambal to my blood pressure, the result of my blood pressure was above normal (140).

I was asked to lie on the patient's bed. Guess what the doctor is doing? he examined my stomach by tapping my stomach with his fingers.

"Doc, this is my complaint!" As I showed it to the right ear. I protested my protest. After that he pressed his stethoscope or device like a headset into my stomach and chest. Then I was asked to dry my body to check my ear hole with a flashlight. The nodding doctor said he was just clogged, not Ocoy nor Conge, he suggested that I go to the Hospital on Monday to do the spraying and cleanse my ear hole, I was silent.

The doctor explained that it would be dangerous to scrape the ear hole with a cotton bud because it would trigger a danger like mine. He also described the ear with a pencil which was plugged in by the cotton bud perfectly until I was amazed because this was the first time I saw a Doctor who could draw in great detail. He also explained that a clean ear hole is also not good for ear health because of dust, dirt and often will be easy to enter, earwax is useful to protect ear holes from dust, insects and things that will threaten ear health. Once again I nodded with a detailed explanation. Long story short, at a cost of Rp. 80,000 I was given three kinds of medicine; Hufadon, Lokev Omeprazole, and Erlagin.

When I arrived at my house, I immediately searched to find out the contents and the efficacy of the medicine given by the doctor. As a result, I was amazed by the efficacy of the drug. Friends can find out why I was astonished at the results of my googeling between the three prescription drugs given by the complaints I experienced.

I have not decided to go to the hospital, there are some things that make me lazy to go there. First, I had to go to the Puskesmas first for delivery, check, then ask for a referral letter; even then if given a reference letter (usually difficult). Secondly, if I had a good fortune, I was given a referral letter and on that day I was able to go to the hospital to get medical treatment, even though it was not separated from the number of people who were in the hundreds. The three things that made me lazy to go to the hospital were because on Monday April 23rd was the first day of the start of the SMP National Examination and I was one of the administrators of the examinations where I worked. I was struck by a tremendous doubt, between the Ear and the National Examination.

That was my experience of suffering from digging an ear hole with a cotton bud. I suggest that you be careful in cleaning ear holes, use hygienic, safe and harmless ear cleaners. Also read the article Benefits Of Smoking For Health.

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